The Bury St Edmunds & Farmers Club is authorised to hold wedding ceremonies. A number of our rooms are licensed for this purpose. They can accommodate anywhere from five to 50 guests; plus, of course, the bride and groom and the registrar’s staff.

The most popular choice

By far and away the most popular choices for weddings are our Northgate Suite or Lower Lounge for the wedding ceremony itself; with the Regency Room and other ground floor rooms for the reception.

Quick comparison

Room Licensed Capacity* Features
Oak Room 10 Intimate with unique panelling
Garden Room 16 Opens onto classic English garden
Lower Lounge 20 Myriad historical features, cosy
Committee Room 30 Huge bay window, light and airy
Club Room 40 Bright with half-panelled walls
Regency Room 60 Large, decorated with fine oil paintings, ornate carvings
Northgate Room 60 Ancient features, large capacity, tucked away

Rooms for the ceremony

All of the licensed rooms are elegant and comfortable, and will enhance your wedding.

The Oak Room is perfect for small weddings of around six people. Its licensed capacity is 10*.

It is a room lined with old oak panelling and is on the first floor of the building. Because we are a Grade I listed building, we unfortunately do not have a lift.

The Garden Room, as its name suggests, opens onto our terrace and gardens and offers splendid views of them through its large, south- and east-facing windows.

It has a licensed capacity of 16* for wedding ceremonies.

The Lower Lounge is a beautiful and ancient part of the Bury St Edmunds & Farmers Club. It dates back to the 1350s but was extensively modified about 1600. It has an original fireplace from this period, lots of oak panelling, some splendid windows and a ‘minstrel’s gallery’.

Access to the room is down a flight of five steps from the main level of the Club (where the entry doors are located). However, if the ability to access the room is a problem, we can arrange for you to enter through the ornate rear door of the Club. This takes you directly to the Lower Lounge.

The Lower Lounge has a licence for a total of 20* people to attend a wedding ceremony.

The Committee Room is a more modern room than the Lower Lounge, being built in the early 1900s. It is bright and airy with a massive, south-facing bay window overlooking the historic Nora Lofts House and its extensive gardens.

It has a licensed capacity of 30*.It is on the first floor of the Club. Because we are a Grade I listed building, we unfortunately do not have a lift.

The Club Room is on the ground floor of the Club, with level access from our car park. It has a licensed capacity of 40*.

It’s a large, bright room with a big south-facing bay window and wood panelling to the dado. It features an old, brick and carved wooden fireplace.

The Regency Room is a fine, Regency-styled room which is actually part of the original 16th Century building. It is partly panelled, has large, south-facing windows and an ornate fireplace. It is decorated with fine period oil paintings.

It is on the ground floor level of the Club and offers step-free access from street level.

It has a licensed capacity of 60* for wedding ceremonies.

The Northgate Room dates back to the 1350s and contains a number of original architectural features from that era. It will seat up to 60* for wedding ceremonies.

The Northgate Room is at first floor level and can only be accessed via the Lower Lounge. This means that access involves two flights of stairs – one of only five stairs and the other of 15.

* Capacity includes the couple, the two registration officers and any photographer or musicians.


The use of any of our rooms for your wedding ceremony costs £500. This includes liaison with the registrar, your florist, decorators, musicians etc. It also includes setting up, the use of the bridal preparation space, dealing with the official paperwork, meeting the registrar and their colleague, providing parking for them, supplying one of our managers to attend the wedding ceremony (as required by law) and all of the other odds and ends that seem to arise in most weddings.

The fees of the registrar vary depending upon the time of year and time of day you choose for your ceremony. They are the same as in any other approved venue and range from £375 to £595.

Space for the bride

Usually, when you book one of our rooms for your wedding ceremony, we will make a separate and nearby room available for the use of the bride and bridal party.

Decorations and music

Whichever room you choose, our team will be delighted to help you with decorations, music or any other particular feature that you desire at your wedding. We usually work with your chosen florist, decorator or musicians but we can introduce you to experienced recommended professionals if you would like us to do so.

We make no charge for doing that, nor do we receive any commission from them.

Ceremony timing

We have no set duration for your wedding ceremony. You can make it last as long as you wish!

Marriages can be conducted from 8am to 8pm.


You will, of course, have to contact the Suffolk County Council Registration Office to ensure that all the legal formalities associated with your wedding have been completed; and to book a time and date for the ceremony. The Bury St Edmunds Office can be contacted on 0345 607 2060.