Joining the Bury St Edmunds & Farmers Club is easy and inexpensive. We offer a number of different categories of membership. One will be perfect for you.

2019-2020 Membership Types & Subscriptions

Our membership year runs from 1st October to 30th September

Membership Type Who is eligible? Full Year Pro-Rata from May
Individual* Single membership for a private person. One access/car park card issued. £250.00 £104.17
Dual* For two members residing at same address. Two access/car park cards issued. £375.00 £156.25
Company* For any kind of business, club or society. Three access/car park cards issued. Extra cards £100. £400.00 £166.67
Start-Up Business For businesses established for less than 2 years (proof required). Two access/car park cards issued. £100.00 £41.67
Country For a member living more than 20 miles from the Club ‘as the crow flies’. One access/car park card issued. £75.00 £31.25
Forces* For a member of the Armed Forces (UK or foreign) serving in the area for less than 3 years. One access/car park card issued. £75.00 £31.25
35 and Under* A member who is 35 years of age or under (proof of age required). Two access/car park cards issued. £75.00 £31.25


Member’s Charge Account

For members in the categories marked *, we also require £240.00 per year to be paid into your member’s account. If you join mid-year, we will charge the pro-rata amount – currently (May) £100.

This money can be used to pay for food and drink in the Club. It must be used within the current membership year and is not refundable if not used.

When your vouchers have been used, we will send you monthly invoices for any items you have charged to your account. These must be settled within 30 days.

Some members prefer not to charge items to their account. That’s fine. Once your vouchers have been used, you can pay in cash or by credit/debit card.


We can arrange a tour of the Club, so you can see our facilities for yourself and ask as many questions as you like. No obligation, of course.

Please email our Front of House team or, to discuss the Membership option that suits you best, call 01284 750969.