From time to time, we have job vacancies at the Club. These can be at all levels from casual staff to senior managers.

The Club is a long-established private members club located in a beautiful historic building in the heart of Bury St Edmunds. See for more about the Club.

We are only a small team, so our key requirements for all our staff are flexibility and cooperation. If the cleaner is off sick, someone else – manager, chef, receptionist or whoever – will crack on and get the cleaning done.

If you are that sort of person, read on…

At the moment, we have the following job vacancies.

Business Development Manager & Second Front of House Manager

26 April 2019

The Bury St Edmunds & Farmers Club is expanding its hours of operation, membership numbers and the number of internal and external events it runs each month. So we are looking for a talented addition to our management team.

The Club is a long-established private members club located in a beautiful historic building in the heart of Bury St Edmunds. See for more about the Club.

This is, at least initially, a part-time post (27 hours per week, typically over 3 days) and requires work in the evenings and weekends – including some time on most Saturdays. Some provision of holiday cover may also be required.

This is a new post, so the nature of the job is likely to evolve but we expect it to involve about 18 hours (2 days) per week doing business development and 9 hours (1 day – typically a Saturday) managing and overseeing events such as weddings and our normal front of house operations. However, this split will vary from week to week.

Typical business development tasks might be:

  • Maintaining contact with our business members and encouraging their staff to make use of the Club for social occasions
  • Encouraging our business members to make use of the Club and its rooms for meetings, training etc
  • Building relationships with local community and business organisations to encourage their use of the Club
  • Organising and running networking events
  • Running our recruiting drives for business and individual members
  • Ensuring the delivery of our agreed overall marketing plan
  • Arranging events for our members generally, including things such as speaker lunches and themed food evenings, and successfully promoting them to our members and others
  • Introducing “open weekends” every two months, agreeing content for them and promoting them, particularly to non-members
  • Monitoring and reporting on progress towards our agreed objectives

The successful candidate is likely to:

  • Have considerable experience in running events (including weddings) in a conference and banqueting environment
  • Have experience of successfully developing and increasing business opportunities
  • Have knowledge of social media platforms and the ability to use these platforms to their fullest advantage
  • Be comfortable working with and within established community and business groups
  • Have a confident and outgoing personality, with the desire to get involved
  • Be self-motivating

The successful candidate will work within our current small team to make things happen. Because we only have a small team at the Club, teamwork and co-operation will be vital to the success of this new role.

The successful candidate will enjoy developing new business opportunities and building strong relationships with new and existing members alike.

This is a wonderful opportunity for an enthusiast who wants to put their own stamp on our Club.

£25,000 FTE = £15,000

Apply with CV to

“Casual” Front of house Staff

20 April 2019

We are always on the lookout for good casual front of house staff to add to our small band of regulars.

This is particularly so at the moment, when we are about to increase our opening hours.

They help us cover peak times – typically evenings and Saturdays.

You could be assisting our own Bury St Edmunds & Farmers Club members or outside guests at functions such as weddings or conferences.

We are a very nice place to work: respectful and flexible.

Our rates of pay well exceed minimum wage but depend upon your age and experience.

If you are enthusiastic about providing excellent service in an amazing environment, let us know. email us (with CV) to – for the attention of Vikki.