Our first, of many, quiz nights will kick off on Thursday 20th June and its free to enter!

Don’t forget happy hour starts at 5.30pm!
First round of questions at 6.30pm.
Food available – Shepherds Pie £10 per person. Booking not essential, but preferred if possible.

Prize for the winning team and wooden spoon for the losing side.

Pre-Quiz Teasers
Reply back with your answers to our pre-quiz questions.
The first person to reply, with the 5 correct answers, wins their first drink of the night on us!

Film Questions
1. The film director, Frank Capra, famous for It’s a Wonderful Life, was born in which Mediterranean country?
2. Which American actor starred alongside Kim Bassinger in the film 9½ Weeks?
3. “I owe everything to George Bailey. Help him, Dear Father.” is the opening line to which film.
4. Which British comedic actor who was often cast as a moustache twirling villain or first class bounder with a gap toothed grin.
5. Which actor played Alfred in the 2008 Batman film The Dark Knight?

Themed events at the Bury St Edmunds & Farmers Club

The Club are planning a series of events throughout 2019 including Club nights, themed dinners, summer barbecues and plenty of other member events – watch this space!!

Evenings at the Club are a great chance to catch up with friends and to meet new people.

Watch this space!